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Have you visited Denmark on previous vacations? Do you dream about owning a Danish vacation home? 

Is living by the water, near great beaches, lush scenery and small cozy communities a priority for you and your family? If so, the opportunities on Lolland-Falster are plentiful, which is why it is the perfect location for a vacation home. 

Good news - you do not necessarily have to be a Danish citizen or live in Denmark to own a vacation home in Denmark. 

Can I purchase a vacation home in Denmark?

Normally foreign-residents cannot acquire a vacation home in Denmark, except if you are able to document a special connection to Denmark. In that case, you may apply for permission at the Danish Ministry of Justice. 

Permission is granted based on an assessment of the applicant's previous stays in Denmark, family connections, language and cultural connection to the country.

Learn more about the criteria to purchase a vacation home in Denmark.

How do I find a vacation home on Lolland-Falster?

Do you prefer your vacation home small and quaint, or spacious with room for the whole family? On Lolland-Falster you will easily find a home that fits your needs. 

For questions and enquiries contact the local real estate agents, who are happy to help or visit for available vacation homes.

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Country house in beautiful surroundings

What is a 'flexbolig'?

A flexbolig-permission allows you to purchase a permanent residence without residential requirements. A flexbolig therefore allows you to own a house in Denmark to use as a vacation home.

Flexbolig are not restricted to specific areas like vacation homes are, and flexboliger are often at lower prices than a regular vacation home. 

Contact the current municipality to apply for flexbolig-permission, or the local real estate agents for further information. 

On you find available flexboliger.

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